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Based out of Palm Springs, California, Zen Caffeine creates high quality recordings designed to empower the listener and create incredible changes to the mind, body and spirit.  Each recording is effective and deliberately designed to take you through a positively empowering journey.

Self Empowerment Guaranteed.

Blissful and Tranquil Recordings.

Perfect for Therapy and Spa rooms.

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Relax the mind, and slowly drift away and recharge those inner batteries after a long hard day by creating some daily ME time.

Mind & Body

Help take charge, become the person you always wanted to be by empowering the Mind, Body and Spirit to achieve goals.


Struggling to relax & unwind at the end of each day? Simply lie back, press play & begin an incredible uplifting journey.

Strength Building

Find your inner sense of self-belief and self-awareness to help you overcome doubt that may be holding you back.

Stress Releif

Stress and its side effects are one of the biggest killers and can be combated simply by listening for 60 minutes a day.

Body Transform

Speciality recordings that can make amazing body transformation changes can be downloaded from here..

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