Lack of Support Bringing You Down? This is for YOU.

Think of what you’re passionate about. Is it writing? Skateboarding? Painting? Accounting?

You know the feeling you get when you talk about it or are engaged in it? That buzzy, excited, OMG-I-Love-This-Shit feeling?

It’s great, right?

Of course! But it super sucks when you’re talking to someone about it and are met with indifference. ”Oh, cool,” can be the most disheartening phrase when it’s the sole response to your awesome new idea.

Unfortunately, especially when you’re at the beginning of your journey, you’ll probably get this a lot. Before you “prove yourself,” you might not have much support. People don’t see what there is to be excited about – YET.

That used to totally piss me off, especially when it came to this blog. It’s something I’m passionate about, it’s what I put my heart and soul into – how could anyone not be excited about it?!

When I met indifferent attitudes or questions like, “Well how will you make money?” my cheeks would burn and a quiet, uncertain anger would flood my mind.

Actually, there is no “used to” about it; that’s exactly how I felt this morning. I was struck with a great post idea, and was excited to share…but was met with that “oh, cool” response. In typical fashion, I took it as an internal blow. I let it stew for a few, then out it came, in a teary-eyed, irritated dialogue.

I was pissed for a bit, but unlike times past, was surprisingly able to let it go quickly. I’m fine now. Y’know why?

Because I thought about it. Instead of getting swept up in irritation and disappointment, I stopped myself and thought about it.

We’re all on our own paths, each with different passions. So someone doesn’t get mine? They don’t have to get it. The important thing is that I get it. I know my path, and I’m on it. I’ll keep going, support or not.

So it’s all gravy. It’s whatever. I know where I’m going, and that’s what matters.

Would I enjoy more support? Absolutely. When I’m met with enthusiasm and interest, it makes my passion that much more thrilling for me. And who doesn’t love to share and talk about their passion?

But I don’t need it. When I started this blog, only one person knew about it, so my support was very minimal. But check it out - I’m frolicking along the path of my dreams anyway, and gaining more support than ever.

I know there will still be some doubters though, and here’s how I plan to handle them from now on:

  • Give them the benefit of the doubt. If they’re people that love and care about you, it’s unlikely that they’re intentionally dissing your dreams. Tell them how you feel and voice your requests. Then give ‘em a hug and get on with your life.
  • Let it go. Ultimately, you can never force anyone to feel or act in a certain way. The only thing you can control is you -  your enthusiasm, passion and determination. Don’t let the indifference of others diminish your fire. You know what makes you come alive – do it! You’re not living your dream to please others.
  • Let it fuel you. Do what they say you can’t. Show them what you’re so excited about.
  • Find support where you can. If you’re not getting it where you need it, find it somewhere else. Look up local meetups, join a club, find a mentor. Appreciate the support you do receive, and you’ll soon find it in droves. Remember, I started with just one and now have several supporters, my own personal cheerleaders, bursting with encouragement and enthusiasm for my cause.

My point in writing is this: I know that support is important – it can be just the push you need when you feel like giving up. But PLEASE, don’t let lack of support stop you. Forge on ahead. When you’re met with a disappointing response along the way, shake it off. It’s whatever.

Don’t wait for support to follow your dreams…you can’t let other people dictate the shape your life will take, or you may not like what you end up with. If you’re doing what you love, you’ll be in the right places to find the support you need.

For now, take the support you do have and magnify it. Or, if you literally have none, create your own cheerleaders. Go online – somebody’s excited about what you’re doing.

There are plenty of people in this world – maybe hundreds that you don’t even know – that support what you’re doing. I support you, whatever it is (unless you aspire to become a serial killer or something). If it’s your dream, and you’re going after it, I’m fuckin’ excited for you. STOKED. Because you’re doing what 95% of people aren’t – creating the life of your dreams.

Peace, love and unending support,

- K

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I'm Kaylee. Through the last several years, I've embarked on a journey of awakening, of striving to live a Zen-inspired life. The changes have been remarkable! My goal is to help others along their own journey by sharing my insights and experiences.
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